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2 May 2024

The new pinnacle of what a reverb pedal can be has arrived. In the BigSky MX, raw computing power meets innovative design and consummate sonic artistry to bring you resolutely sublime reverbs with stunning new levels of richness and complexity. These sounds inspire new creative work and endless hours of music.

The new Strymon BigSky MX is the next-generation reverb workstation that completely changes the perception of what this effect can deliver. It sounds bigger, wider, and more expressive than anything else on the planet, with a host of new features and functionality that make it the greatest reverb of all time.

It can be discouraging to drastically improve a product like the original BigSky, which has long been a staple in the pedalboards of top professionals for a number of very good reasons, but Strymon has spent the last four years making sure it has achieved that goal.

BigSkyMX KeyArtFinal LoRes

The new BigSky MX is a world-class reverberator that packs a host of powerful features into one product: it uses an 800 MHz tri-core ARM processor to achieve two reverb machines playing simultaneously, with series, parallel or split audio routing, and new panning controls. Of the 12 reverb machines, seven are completely new, and the remaining classic algorithms have all received powerful sonic and functional upgrades. The new convolution engine is capable of reproducing ten-second stereo impulse responses and completely modifying IRs.

Twenty-two preloaded IRs are available, including a large number of long custom captures of classic analog studio equipment. Stereo I/O, MIDI DIN and TRS I/O, and USB-C complete the connections, while the new OLED screen, dedicated Inifinite/Freeze footswitch, and multiple footswitch configuration modes make control easier than ever.

• Tri-core 800 MHz ARM processor
• 12 world-class reverb machines
• Seven all-new reverb algorithms, with major upgrades to the other machines
• Use two reverbs at once with Serial, Parallel or Split audio routing
• Impulse response engine capable of ten second IR playback and full IR editing
• 22 preloaded impulse responses that include custom long captures of classic analog gear
• Large OLED display
• Dedicated Infinite/Freeze footswitch and multiple footswitch modes
• DIN and TRS MIDI I/O and full MIDI integration
• Stereo I/O (inputs use our discrete Class A JFET preamps)
• USB-C for MIDI, patch management and IR loading
• Analog dry path for zero latency dry signal
• Requires 2.1mm center-negative 9V DC power supply with 500ma of current (not included)

BigSky MX: the greatest reverb of all time!

logo strymon BLACK
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